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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bank Repossessed Cars & Homes Auctioned Off

Vehicles and homes for sale at bank repossessed auctions and sheriff auctions for those looking to buy a cheap bargain from major SA banks like Standard bank, Nedbank, Absa and FNB are held on a regular basis throughout South Africa. Many of South Africa’s top auctioneers have branches and regular events in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. They also hold monthly or by weekly repo and sheriff auctions in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Polokwane (Pietersberg), Knysna and Pinetown to name a few.
Those looking to buy vehicles or homes for sale at bank repossessed or sheriff auctions need to exercise a little caution and remember that the reason they have been taken back from people who have likely been in debt and could not afford the monthly repayments. This often means that the maintenance of the automobile or property may have been neglected and regular servicing or repairs have probably not been carried out when necessary. It is advisable to take a mechanic with you if at all possible to have a good look over the vehicle before bidding and the same for a property, someone with construction knowledge is advantages before bidding at the auction. Most of these events have a showroom area where repo cars, bakkies, motorcycles, trucks, vans and planes can be viewed before the bidding begins, with properties always try and view the property where possible before the repossessed or sheriff auction.

Most of the major banks in South Africa like Nedbank, Absa, Standard bank and FNB have no problem in financing automobiles or properties of this nature and some of them will have areas set aside at the auction events for those who need to apply for finance on the spot. There is usually a deposit to be paid up front before any bidding gets under way at an auction event and the amount will differ from one place to the next, some for an example might be R2000 up to R30000 this all depends on the auctioneers terms and conditions. If you are new to the auctioning and bidding process this is where our auction services are invaluable to you. However there is always someone available to help explain the process to you and what to expect when bidding. A good tip is to attend one or two auction events before you are ready to buy just to observe exactly what goes on and how they sell vehicles and properties for sale at bank repossessed or sheriff auctions throughout South Africa. 
Bid4Me Auction Services will attend and did on your behalf at the auction that you have selected and we provide a video aswell at an additional fee for you, this can be viewed after the auction as well to see all the goings on at the auction that you registered for from the comfort of your own home or office.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Not Sure How Auctions Work?

Different auctions Have different procedures.

The 101 of auction basics by Bid4Me Auction Services.
  1. All auctions have a minimum deposit required for you to register and bid at the auction on the day, this can be from R2000 up to R25000.
  2. All auctions have a minimum Commission fee and this varies from a 0.5% of the sale price and up depending again on the auctioneer.
  3. All auctions charge Vat on top of the sale price and commission.
  4. It is always important to do your home work and find out what the retail value is of the item your interested in, be it a property, home, truck, motor vehicle, motorcycle. You need information to make and informed bid at any auction.
  5. Once the auction commences there are various tactics that can be used to bid for the item:
    1. Be the first to bid on the item on auction and go to where you can afford.
    2. Wait till it looks like the auction bidding has jumped to its highest and is now stagnated,  and then jump in yourself and start bidding.

Always remember to go to the auctions with as much information in your arsenal as possible to make informed decision's. Most important try your utmost not to bid with your heart but with your head. It is very easy to get carried away on the day amidst the heat of the auctions action.

Auction don't have to be scary or a waste of time. Should you be unable to attend any auction for what ever the reason....

We Do Auctions For You!!!

Bid4Me Auction Service

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Holidays Peeps, let us do Auctions for you!

To all of you that are celebrating the festive season and taking some well deserved time of, enjoy and have safe journeys to where ever you may be heading too.

Just remember that just because you are sitting on the beach sipping cocktails and taking in some rays over the festive season, you can still have someone doing your "Auction" dirty work for you. Register on our website and while your relaxing where ever it may be, Bid4Me Auction Services will be running around to the auctions you want us to attend on your behalf.

Again it doesn't matter if its a Property Auction, Home Auction, Car Auction, Truck Auction, Plane Auction, Motorcycle Auction.... What ever the auction. We will attend the auction with the details you have submitted to us. Bid4Me Auction Services will contact you with whether you have won the auction bid and all the relevant auction information.

So enjoy, be safe, relax and may 2011 Be a Stupendously Fantastic and prosperous year for you and your loved ones.

Bid4Me Auction Services.... We do Auctions for you!!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do i need to know how auctions work?

No, not at all. That is what Bid4Me Auction Services is here for.

We have made it as simple as possible so that you don't even have to leave your office or home to attend auctions. You will log in to our website which by the way is completely free you only pay for services required. Once you have filled in all the details required for the registration, we will then need auction details.
When is the auction happening, where is the auction happening, what is being auctioned, how much is your maximum and minimum that you want to spend for the auction item? You then pay securely online and we then take your details and register you at the auction for the auction. We will then update your online status with your auction number and inform you once the item has been auction whether you have won the bid or lost it. If you have lost it you will only lose your registration fee that was paid to us.

We also offer an Evaluation Service which is also done online, again we would need to know when is the auction happening, where is the auction happening, what is being auctioned and can we go and view the item on auction? We will then take +-5 photo's of the item which is uploaded onto your online account with our recommendation and a report of why we think the auction items value is "RRRR". You can then make an informed decision on whether to bid for the item or not.

Bid4Me Auction Services... We do Auctions for you!!!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bid4Me Auction Services

Hi Again,

Bid4Me Auction Services had a 1 minute spot on 5FM's Mind Your Business on the fresh drive with DJ Fresh on the 15/09/2010.
It was terrifying and exciting knowing that the whole South Africa would be hearing about Bid4Me Auction Services. Terrible stage fright but I think I pulled it off and sounded very professional.

Bid4Me Auction Services is on the up and its been brilliant that every month beats the previous months stats in regards to visitor's visiting the site, I have also had brilliant response and would like to thank those for the great feedback.

Auctions no longer have to be scary or a waste of time. Let Bid4Me Auction Services do auctions for you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bid4Me Auction Services

Hi Again,
As I have mentioned before Bid4Me Auction Services try to update all the auctions happening everyday and every week.
It is rather difficult due to the being so many auctions happening around the country.
On the right hand side of this post please find the follow button where all the updates will then be sent to you to notify you of when I do post new auction links. There is also a Twitter feed on the right that also has all the feeds or if your on twitter join Bid4Me_cc or find us on Facebook under Bid4Me.

P.S. If you know of an auction happening and you would like me to post it please mail it to me.

Bid4Me Auction Services

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bid4Me Auction Services

Hi Peeps,
Please feel free to add comments or share posts with any friends, family, colleges or anyone you fell might benefit from our auction services.

As well if you come across any auctions that you would like me to post please forward any links it would be much appreciated.

Once you have found an item on auction that tickles your fancy go to Bid4Me Auction Services, registration is completely free.
Only pay for auction services you may need. These can be done securely online or contact us if you would prefer to do an EFT.

Happy hunting and hopefully Bid4Me Auction Services can win a auction bid or two for you.

Bid4Me Auction Services